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Monday, 25 November 2013

Monday's Work Look

I have been thinking about dressing smartly for work, and have been trying to add a little extra polish in terms of suits, scarves, jewellery etc.

Sorry no photo of me actually wearing it, but here's today's outfit for work.
Dark grey trouser suit, off white linen blouse, celtic knot print silk scarf, gold brooch and earrings.
 Went in wearing boots and then changed to these, as being a bit smarter for the office.
 Have also stashed these in my drawer for days when I need to be a bit smarter.
I also had a black leather tote style bag, but will look ou for one a little smaller.


Linda T said...

I'm sure you looked great in that outfit!

BeaJay said...

Very flash, was it made by you or RTW?

SewRuthie said...

Oh yes all RTW. I started a new job 4 weeks ago and am trying to dress smartly for the office.

L said...

Very nice outfit.