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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Style 2514 Green Tweed Jacket

Here's the jacket I made from Style 2514. I had put silver buttons on it, but didn't like them, so have made some covered buttons from leftover fabric scraps.
I think with the covered buttons it is more versatile.
I ironed a circle of very light weight interfacing onto the fabric before making the buttons. This added a layer of opacity to the fabric so the white button blank did not show through as well as helping to stabilise the soft wool fabric and reduce fraying. I used 22 mm button blanks.


Dorothy DotDot said...

Very nice jacket!

Dorothy DotDot said...

Very nice jacket!

Ann said...

A very nice jacket and I do like the covered buttons on it. You will certainly get a lot of wear out of it this way.

ista said...

such a lovely jacket