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Thursday, 14 November 2013

SWAP 2014 - whole plan

I have had the SWAP plan written out in text for a while, but decided today to draw it up and use the coloured pencils to give myself an idea of what it might look like.
I wonder if this might be the year that I actually manage to sew up the whole SWAP as per the plan? I have all the fabric for this, and it seems pretty achievable.

Admittedly I have never used the Vogue pattern before and Vogue and I have not always got along too well in the past, so I need to do some serious testing first. I think these days I have a better grip of my various wedge shaped alterations which are not usually found in the simpler books on alterations, but have made a HUGE difference to how my home sewn clothing fits me.
So I shall approach the Vogue pattern with realistic measurements and parts of various TNT patterns. I will make up some test garments before attempting them for the SWAP.
Let's see how I get on.


BeaJay said...

Great plans - good luck

Jenni said...

Looks to be a very manageable plan and the colours are very you. Good luck with the vogue. If you flat measure first to check amount of alteration required, and do your usual back alterations you should be fine.

Dilliander said...

534erKaFreLooks like a lovely swap Ruthie and great colours.

Karen said...

That looks great! I'm stuck in the planning stage but now that I've seen how you've organized your SWAP I'm getting a better idea of how to continue. Thanks for the inspiration!