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Monday, 3 November 2014

Winter 6PAC: 2 layering pieces completed

First up, a cardigan based on New Look 6735, with the lower portion of the jacket replaced with a peplum with angled corners, this can be worn loose, pinned with a brooch at the waist or belted.
The second layering piece is a soft jacket made from New Look 6082. For this I used a quilted paisley fabric for the outer and a beautiful olive satin for the lining. It is fully bagged by machine and is lovely to wear. The quilted layer makes it very warm.
I am happy with both of these, especially once I give the quilted jacket a little press, as all that turning through the narrow sleeve opening has crumpled it a little.

If I can find a nice pattern (anything in recent Burdas?) then I would like to make the rest of the olive satin into a draped neck top.
The fabric would work very well with the cowled drapey style and be a stylish juxtaposition to the burgundy (I hope!).


BeaJay said...

Both are lovely. That quilted jacket is very unique.

sarahlizsewstyle.blogspot.com said...

Both very lovely, looking forward to seeing the rest of this 6 pac.

KathyS said...

Two very nice jackets. Loving your 6PAC so far.

L said...

I haven't done a 6PAC in some time. I'm also looking forward to seeing your final collection.