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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Winter 6PAC: Vogue 2989 Burgundy Skirt

Here's the completed Vogue 2989 skirt made up in the dark burgundy knit.
This was not as well behaved as the charcoal ponte I used for this pattern in April.
The pleat detail is on the opposite side due to me having trouble working out which was the right side of the fabric when cutting out under artifical light.
Here it is styled with the ivory top I made for SWAP and a necklace from my collection. A grey or navy jacket would finish things up nicely.
Sewing this skirt required me to get out the sewing machine, overlocker and coverhem and set them up in my tiny new sewing room. It is quite crowded in there, so I may move the shelving unit full of the fabric stash up into the loft once all the work on the boiler, bathroom and loft has been done.

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Jenni said...

What a nice plan, and a really nice start to it. The skirt looks as though you will get loads of wear from it and I'm pleased you are finally set up to sew after your move.