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Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Dear Sewing Friends, thought you might like a bit of an update.

It is not that I have not been posting my sewing projects, I just haven't been doing any new ones.
Work got busy, I joined a local church choir and I've started working my way through a large series of novels (Matthew Bartholomew books by Susanna Gregory.)

I still try to read sewing blogs and occasionally comment briefly and I pop in and out of SG.
I have not been in the sewing room for a while and am not doing anything with my SWAP at the moment.
I dare say at some point that will change, but hey at least you know I am not ill nor have left the country!

Cheers Ruthie


Dilliander said...

Have a happy relaxing break Ruth!

OzAnnie said...

Good to hear from you Ruthie! Enjoy your break from sewing. I am sure your mojo will return... Merry Christmas and best wishes for the year ahead.
Annette (from Stitches Guild)

Unknown said...

Enjoy doing what you love Ruth

Anne said...

I've read two or three of these books. Set where one of my daughters lives; it always makes these historical faction novels more interesting to me if the place has meaning. Best wishes.

KathyS said...

Haven't read those books. Must put them on my library list. Look forward to seeing your SWAP sewing when you are ready. Merry Christmas.