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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Sewing With a Plan (SWAP) inspired by an old article in Australian Stitches

There's a long running contest on Stitchers Guild for SWAP (Sewing with a Plan) which is a way to sew a co-ordinated wardrobe of clothing.

It's based on a series of articles written by Lynn Cook in Australian Stitches magazine, Vol. 5.

There are 3 stages, and SWAP is based on Stage One.
Here is the formula:  make 11 garments. These are:
1 simple cardigan jacket in a solid colour.
2 pairs of pants.
2 skirts, one in a solid colour, one in a print or check.
2 simple tops, one solid, one in the above print.
4 tops, in colours which coordinate with the solids.

Throughout she keeps emphasising the need to make very simple garments so you'll finish.

Stage Two : make the following 10 garments.
One cardigan - in one of your basic colours.
3 long-sleeve tops in tones that coordinate.
1 blouse or top in a print.
1 long skirt in the same print.
1 knee-length skirt in a solid colour.
2 more pairs of pants in tones that blend.

Stage Three : add 7 more garments:
One tailored jacket - camel.
One loose jacket - butter.
One pair of pants - butter.
One cowl-neck top - butter/white polka dot.
One pleated skirt - butter/white polka dot.
One short-sleeve top - geometric print.
One straight skirt - geometric print.

28 garments of which only 4 are jackets/layers which is probably the warm climate influence.
4 two-piece print dresses are another feature that isn't now to everyone's taste. This is more back in style again but with shorter skirts and everything more fitted. 

The rules on SG have changed and morphed over the years to be more challenging or accommodate many people.


Cherie said...

Very nice overview Ruthie, and very relevant observations!

Linda T said...

I think I still have some of those magazines. I need to go back and look at them again. While I've never felt the need to sew a SWAP as I don't need many clothes anymore, it might be fun to give rethink sewing one just for fun.

Anne said...

I can't do SWAP this year, Because of the wedding sewing I have to do, though perhaps next year. However, after the wedding I want to sew for myself and I might use this post as a template for my sewing, thank you.