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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Red sparkle top

For Christmas sweater day tomorrow (if I'm brave enough).
This knit top from the usual pattern has a turtleneck, cuffs and is sewn from a red knit with lurex sparkle on the right side.
It was a remnant from the local cheap roll end shop, pulled from the stash as I don't go there anymore having had too many run/shrink problems.


Anne said...

Go for it! I can't wear this red, it's too orange for me (at least as I see it on screen); my red has more blue, is cooler. Christmas is a time for red sparkle! What will you wear it with?

Alison said...

Oh be brave... it is a lovely cheering color, particularly at this dark time of year! I think it a great festive version of your TNT pattern, and entirely work appropriate. If you fear that it will be too much sparkle, worn under a jacket or vest it would add a festive touch without being overwhelming

KathyS said...

Wear it! It's a lovely Christmassy colour.

Jenni said...

Fabulous xmas jumper. I say wear it with pride throughout the festive season.