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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

GBSB From Stitch to Style: Japanese Style Top made up

So here it is as yet unhemmed.
I made the size 16, I did a little fiddling to get the stripes to match where they could and then trimmed the excess. I thought the cuffs would not fit but they did. I used the coverhem machine for the back neck and sleeve hems, you could zigzag or use a twin needle if you don't have a coverhem.
The sleeve on the left is like a normal sleeve. The sleeve on the right is like a very loose bat wing sleeve. I'm not sure I like the bat wing being that extreme and I might shape it more like the other side. I still need to do the hem.
If you normally need an FBA then I would not bother as there is loads of room from the cowl and asymmetry.
I think this style would be really good for an apple shape or large bust. It would also be good if you are naturally unsymmetrical as it would work with your body rather than against it.
I will do a lying flat photo tomorrow so you can see the shape of the garment more clearly.


Jenni said...

That came out really well. The stripes work really well with the style. Hope you can tame the bat wing. I think it looks good but if it annoys you then it must be dealt with. I can't say I find extreme bat wings easy to wear.... not very practical are they?

Fabrickated said...

I like this very much. It has that brilliant combination of simple and complex. I love the way the bold stripes work so well. This is such an interesting looking garment. Well done.