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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Ocean's Eleven Collection

I've been away but started thinking about something I've named 'Oceans Eleven' which is a sea themed collection of navy, teal and sand.
It could have things in it like

Navy pinstripe palazzo pants (left)
Light navy linen maxi skirt (2nd from right)
Light navy linen blouse. (2nd from right)
Teal linen maxi skirt. (centre)
Teal linen T-shirt blouse (centre)
Teal sweater knit cardigan jacket (across top)
Sand and white striped tee (not shown)
Dark sand palazzo pants (not shown)
Dark green leggings/skirt/tee which have been cut out for ages. (not shown)

I think I will keep broadly in the the Oceans theme and stop after eleven pieces.

I could do with those pinstripe trousers for work so will work on them some more this evening, perhaps something to show tomorrow.

There seems to be quite a lot of the navy pinstripe fabric so maybe I could also manage a simple jacket and perhaps also a skirt, some more suits for work would definitely be helpful as I have lost my way a little with work wear since I donated all my black suits after my colour draping session.

I still have 2.3 metres of the full width of the navy pinstripe plus some scraps so a simple cardigan jacket and straight skirt would seem possible.

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Unknown said...

Ruthie- I love your fabrics and inspiration pictures. Just wonderful! -Elephun