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Thursday, 31 May 2018

Charoal and teal plans

I have been wearing the 'suit' I made in my chocolate brown period and finding it ideal for work, so think I want to sew some more of these simple styles as my purchased work suits are currently too tight :-(
If I had 4 then I would be able to get dressed in the morning without too much thinking!

I dug out some charocal grey suiting with a fine teal stripe which I think would be great for the next one.

I used this in SWAP 2009 for a pair of trousers but there is plenty of it left so I can definitely get trousers and a cardigan jacket from the same fabric.
I will use New Look 6216 for the trousers and New Look 6735 for the cardigan jacket.
Once those are done I will see how the rest of the 6-PAC spins up around those pieces.

A top from this knit
And maybe a different top from this knit

And a blouse from this fabric
I do have the machines all threaded up in ivory though...... so switch or sew that is the question!

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csb said...

Lovely choices, Ruthie!