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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

SWAP 2018 - Winners

The results of the SWAP 2018 are out

2018 SWAP winners are:

3rd place:  Medea's Cocktail and Casual Chic

2nd place: Treefrog - What a Galah

1st place: Sew Ruthie Sews - Sew Ruthie Style 2018
My collection here

I was blown away to be the winner as my thoughts (and votes) had been for the others who placed to win, Treefrog actually wove her own fabric and then used it to make a top.


Linda T said...


Lisa Laree said...

*Stands on chair and applauds* Yay, Ruthie!!!!! I loved your collection!

L said...

Congratulations Ruthie!

Dilliander said...

Congratulations Ruthie, these all go together beautifully.

helenko said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I lurk often on your blog so I feel I know you a little bit - feels like a friend has won. :)

I think one of the keys to your win Ruthie, for me, are your wonderful photos. There's nothing fancy here, but I can see so clearly how everything goes together and I adore the ones of you in one outfit and the other outfit on your dress form. Really REALLY good photos and doable by the "average bear". IF I ever am able to complete a SWAP in time to actually enter(I don't seem to get past the planning stage!), I think I will use your photos as primer on how to get it done!

Congratulations again! Love the clothes too btw.

SewRuthie said...

The photo idea was a spur of the moment thing, as the rules said you had to show that every garment went with at least one other garment.
So I thought if Doris the Dressmakers Dummy wore the skirt and all of the tops in turn, and I wore the trousers and all of the tops in turn I would have achieved that.
It was a sunny early summer's evening and I balanced the bridge camera on the recycling bin pointing to the back garden. Then I went in and out of my back door getting changed into each outfit, and finding a new one for Doris, taking a photo with the camera on a 10 second time lag. I'm glad you've all enjoyed the photos.

Terry in Alberta. said...

Congratulations Ruthie. You put so much thought into planning this.
Well done,


Faye Lewis said...


Alison said...

Oh HUZZAH! I thought your way of displaying how to ring the changes on your SWAP garments was brilliant, and indeed, as difficult as it was to choose only three entrants, I will say that I voted for you as #1 and am so happy to see that many others also felt the same way... Your sewing is always an inspiration to me

KathyS said...

Congratulations Ruthie. I thought your wardrobe was splendid and the way you displayed it was brilliant. A well deserved win!
I follow your blog regularly but Bloglovin' won't let me make comments, when I try I just get a blank screen. Congratulations, again.

Ann said...

Congratulations on your win Ruthie. Your wardrobe was fabulous (I lurked a lot). Enjoy wearing your new clothes.

Anne said...

Congratulations, Ruth - very much deserved