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Thursday, 7 June 2018

New Sewing Patterns

I decided it was time to replace my favourite New Look 6735 as the pattern tissue was in rather a mess. The best UK price seemed to be Hobbycraft. I also got 2 other patterns and some machine dyes. I think these must be going out-of-print so glad I picked the pattern up.

I want to make the cardigan in an 18. Perhaps I should trace this time!

This is for a woven, but I plan to make the jacket in an in-between length, probably in a knit, but maybe also in a woven, though need to be careful of bicep measurement.

This looks like a fun and easy coat style in different lengths and also without the sleeves. I've seen some versions with an altered collar shape. It does take quite a lot of fabric though so I may not be able to get it from some of the fabric lengths I have.

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Lovenicky said...

I have the first pattern in your post but I haven't made it yet. The last pattern in your post looks really interesting. I would love to see your version of it. If you think you don't have enough fabrics to make the jacket with sleeves, perhaps you could use another fabric for the sleeves? Just a thought!