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Sunday, 17 June 2018

What to sew next

I am having a staycation this week. DBF is away with the boys so I thought I'd have the week off work and stay home. This will involve many things  only one of which is sewing (others being (shopping, DIY, socialising, wardrobe clearout etc etc), and I already have a quandary.

As you may have noticed I like to sew multiple garments with the same thread before I change. However this week I have a number of different projects and I probably do need to change thread colour unfortunately. (Photo of my thread drawers from September 2016 shows I do have plenty of thread in many colours so its not really a problem)
Things I want to sew this week (Sunday night version).

1- panels for the conservatory. I decided on a whim to take down the rolled fabric blinds left by the previous people in the conservatory. On one side I overlook the fence and back garden of my neighbours as we are on a slope and they are lower down the hill than my house. So I want a replacement screen of some sort on those windows to give us both privacy. I'm enjoying the extra light on the other side and out the back to my garden however so am not going to put them back there. The old fabric panels have been unpicked and need the raw edges overlocking, before washing, drying and being made into something else. These both need ivory thread on the sewing machine and overlocker. This is my current fun project because I just ripped the fabric down and am enjoying the light. I've left the panels near the neighbour for now so its not actually that urgent to do it today/tonight.

2 - alteration on red linen trousers which are loose on the waist. This needs red thread but only on the sewing machine.

3 - alteration on brown suit trousers which are loose on the waist. This needs brown thread but only on the sewing machine.

4 - sew charcoal and teal stripe cardigan jacket. This needs black thread (the machines are currently threaded in black). It would therefore make sense to cut and sew this next, but I am distracted by the conservatory and lure of reusing the old fabric somehow (no idea why this is). I will try to get re-excited about this!

5 - sew teal summer tops as this is an area lacking in my wardrobe. These would need teal thread on all three machines, so probably needs to happen later on, would then work well with the trousers and cardigan jacket though as work outfits.


Anne said...

I suppose because I am much slower and less productive, colour changing is less of an issue for me. Having said that I appear to be procrastinating about changing overlocker thread for a fairly simple finishing task. I don't have 3 machines - which coverlocker do you have? Do you recommend?

Geoknitter said...

Yay for staycations and turquoise!