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Monday 4 February 2019

Closet Case Ultimate Scrap Busting DIY Fabric Floor Pouf - finished

I covered a button blank with a scrap of thin denim and sewed it to the middle of the pouf.
Plus I fed it lots and lots of scraps, a test garment, and old dressing gown and a threadbare towel.
It now looks like this.
It is really heavy but great to sit on, put a tray on but mostly to put your feet up on. Its large enough that both DBF and I can get our feet on it at the same time.

Note: it is really heavy once stuffed with scraps so does need carrying with both handles when trying to move it!


Katrina Blanchalle said...

I love this so much! I don't need a pouf, but after seeing this I am sorely tempted to make one. The handles are an excellent addition, but my absolute favorite thing is the pocket. I would have to put something in it!

Dawn said...

The pouf turned out so well, Ruthie. The print sections make it, IMO. I may have one of these in my future.

starryfish said...

Fantastic pouf! I think I need one as well.

Natasha said...

I made one too! Mine is also in denim scraps and I love it so much! Did you shred up your fabric when you put it in? Mine is kind of lumpy and I think I need to cut up the scraps inside to make it nicer. Thanks for sharing and happy sewing!

SewRuthie said...

Hi @Natasha, thanks for your comment.
I had a layer of old duvet with the scraps inside that, so it gave a smoother look.