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Saturday, 23 February 2019

Using Husqvarna Viking 190 selectronic

In May 2016 I bought a second hand Husqvarna Viking 190 for £45 from a charity shop.
Whoever donated it had thrown away the special bobbins it uses and I had to research to find which ones to buy.
This sort of put me off using it, but recently I wanted to switch between two different thread colours a lot and decided to thread it up and use it. I'm glad I did as its absolutely lovely to sew with.
It works well except for the light (the pincatcher was already attached)
One needle plate, a standard foot and the bobbin case were on the machine, and the items above were included in a small bag in the accessories area. The item at the top right seems to be some sort of  foot on a bent wire with a screw to attach it.
Here are the bobbins I bought for the machine. They are Hemline bobbins for Husqvarna machines made before 1990 (not the green ones) and the models are listed on the back of the packet if you zoom in a bit. They work really well and have enabled me to use the machine so I am happy enough with that.
I managed to find the manual, interestingly here it is called the
Operating Manual for Husqvarna sewing machines OPTIMA 180 & 190.


Linda T said...

Nice find! Glad it's working for you now that you have the correct bobbins.

SewLittleToSay said...

I’m a great fan of Husqvarna machines, but the clip on feet are a unique size so generic ones don’t tend to fit. I think the foot with the wire is for darning.