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Sunday, 31 May 2020

Moody Blooms Part 1

I have (temporarily?) abandoned the black/red colour scheme for SWAP and gone for a new inspiration for summer - Moody Blooms.

The idea of this is florals with a dark background, in this case navy blue.

I bought the floral fabrics on holiday in Madeira in February (we luckily had a holiday pre lockdown).
Floral trousers using New Look 6216, my current TNT.
I cropped the length slightly on these as I'll be mostly wearing during some with sandals. I also never both with the front tie.
And a floral cardigan jacket (using the cardigan pattern from Wendy Ward's sewing with knits book)
Here's my inspiration, a floral suit!
(Though I will probably wear the pieces individually, with navy and colours picked out of the print)
There may yet be other pieces in the print.


Julie Culshaw said...

They will be much more fun to sew than black and red. But I wouldn't make a matching jacket, too matchy-matchy in my opinion.

Katrina Blanchalle said...

Beautiful pants! I know I get a bit tired of sewing the same colors after a few garments, and it's nice to do something completely different.