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Saturday, 9 May 2020

What to sew?

The bunting was split between me and 2 neighbours and helped make our section of the street look a bit more celebratory for VE Day. I was glad to have the skills and materials to make the bunting as its was handy in the current climate as people were not able to just go out and buy decorations. People had used what they had kept from the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012, sewed bunting like me, or printed out and/or coloured in designs found on the internet.
I wore my tee from Sewing Bee Round 1 back in January which got lots of positive comments.
I have various sewing plans in my head, contests I am part of and etc. But quite a lot of it feels rather irrelevant at the moment.

I am working full time from home which involves 8+ hours staring at several computer screens. I am grateful I am employed and healthy but it isn't a lot of fun sometimes.

Yesterday and today are nice warm weather, which highlighted the paucity of my hot weather wardrobe. But the forecast is for a cold front to descend from the north tonight, so hot weather clothing is not really an urgent issue.

I might do a small home dec project.

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Audrey said...

I like your T shirt so much. The mix of fabrics and the interesting way you created the motif on the front. I understand the work situation. Today I was on Zoom meeting on one laptop and monitoring UAT on the other. At least the Zoom meeting motivated me to put on makeup, earrings and a nice shirt I had sewn. Hopefully, you will get a wonderful idea for one of the contest and be off and running!