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Saturday, 30 May 2020

Room Refresh during lockdown

There is a conservatory off the back of my house. It is made of glass windows and a plastic roof and is quite tired now.
At some point I hope to replace it with a proper extension useable all year, but during lockdown I decided to make it as nice as I could with what I had available.

The blue striped blinds (panels really as they don't roll up) were made from an old King Size duvet cover (same pattern on both sides), the small cushions on the storage box were made from the matching pillowcases and the large cushion at the back from the foot of the cover (reusing the popper closing).

The blinds give some privacy from and to my neighbours - their washing line is only a few feet away behind the blinds!

I already had the white storage units, which are from Ikea and house my various craft materials, one has leather scraps, another calligraphy, silk painting, candle making, general craft etc.

The blue box with white stars is intended for a kids room and I picked it up in the supermarket, this houses all of my beading and jewellery supplies. It fitted perfectly in the gap between the storage units. Although both of my storage units are Ikea Kallax, they were purchased many years apart and are not quite the same, so look odd directly next to each other, but OK with something in the middle.

On the other side of the conservatory I don't have any blinds as this looks out into my own patio/garden. I have an old sofa on this other wall and its great to sit and chill out (or warm up) in here.

I've definitely used this room a lot more since I did this, and the very fresh feeling from the blue and white feels a bit like the seaside even though I'm 90 miles from the coast.


Meg said...

Beautiful! I love the clean white with the bold blue.

JustGail said...

Your conservatory looks great, nice and cooling blue for summer. Is it too cold to use much in winter, or too hot to use in summer?

SewRuthie said...

@JustGail a bit of both!

Marie said...

Its beautiful! I would be hanging out there frequently. Love those panels..