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Saturday, 23 October 2021

New Sewing room - photos

 Here is my new sewing room layout, it has been a little awkward to include the futon and work round the wall lights without blocking the powerpoints.

Futon (for extra guests) used to chill out (strips for the rainbow quilt are in order on the top of the back of the futon). The futon was at OH's apartment, we took it apart and then reassembled it here - very fiddly to do.

IKEA Pax cupboard with shelves from old sewing room. Also taken apart (though when we packed up my house in July) and reassembled in the new room.

In the corner I have an Ikea Kallax with inserts. We bought the Kallax shell new from Ikea, but the inserts were used via Gumtree.

The sewing room is on the side of a long narrow single storey house, so the view out the side is of the fence and neighbour's lean to. No curtain rail yet, but plan to add one for guests at some later point.

Here I have a fixed table (Ikea Melltorp from several moves ago) and a drop leaf table (Ikea but also from Gumtree) used for the computer and the sewing machine.

The monitor and laptop are on arms on a metal pole screwed to the back of the table. They can be pulled forward for use, or pushed back when I want more sewing machine space. Also good for watching iplayer/itvhub/Youtube whilst sewing.

I used these in my old home office when working from home during lockdown, and eventually found which box I had packed them in!


LyndaSewing.blogspot.com said...

Looks nice, Ruthie. It's difficult to move and takes time to get everything set up again. It'll be fun to see the new ideas coming forth from your new space.

Ann said...

A lovely sewing room, Ruthie. Have fun sewing in it and I can't wait to see your Rainbow quilt.