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Thursday, 19 January 2023

Three Print Top

I thought I'd make a top mixing three different prints.

I started with a scrap of red, white and navy uneven striped fabric. Then picked out a red fabric with a white paint speckle print and finally another print which contains the red, white and navy as well as purple, burgundy and grey.

As all the fabrics were scraps left from other projects the only way to make a whole garment was to combine with other fabrics.

The back is cut from the red fabric with the white paint splashes.
The front and one sleeve are cut from the striped fabric.
The other sleeve and the neckband are cut from the multi coloured fabric

I'm on the fence about whether it works or not. Any two of the prints with a plain fabric would have worked I think, but the third print makes it visually much more challenging. What do you think?

The pattern is my old favourite, New Look 6735, heavily altered for high round back/full tummy, and with the back cut on the fold for this top.


RetroGrace said...

Love this! Adding the third fabric really makes this top sing!

Martha said...

Win win win! Scraps used up! Shirt made without spending any (more) money, cute new top in your wardrobe!

Lisa Laree said...

Those patterns work really well together!

LinB said...

I LOVE this kind of blouse. Sometimes I grab a pattern with eleventy-thousand pieces just so I can pattern-block from my scrap pile. You have a real gift for color ... this blouse is beautiful, and as far removed from a "casket dress" as possible.