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Thursday 23 March 2023

Teal Sew Over It Anderson Blouse

This is my version of the Sew Over It Anderson Blouse.

I am on the fence about this one, it isn't very flattering to my figure, probably in part as the fabric I used was just a bit too heavy in weight for the style.

I had just enough fabric left from the last two blouses to squeeze out an Anderson.

I did make a few changes, I did my normal high round back alteration, but it now seems a bit too high at the back. I narrowed the shoulder slightly and replaced the back neck bias strip with a shaped facing. I also overlapped the fronts a little more.

I did interface the front facing, though that's not in the instructions. I also added a clear snap to prevent the front falling open and elastic in the hem instead of a ribbon.

As I had some scraps leftover I made a narrow belt/tie which I could use with any of the three blouses made from this fabric. I tried using it to add some waist definition, but it fights rather with the hem elastic.

Here's what it looked like before I added the elastic to the hem.

I may take the elastic out and just use the belt.

What do you think?

Updated to show that I removed the elastic and redid the hem. Here are the belted and unbelted pictures.

I think this is a style best worn tucked in or belted.

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Lacy said...

Lovely Blouse! The belt gives excellent waistline definition and I agree the hemline elastic fights it. I think the elastic should be removed and given a better home in another garment.