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Friday, 18 September 2009

Autumn Clothing

Suddenly the weather is cooler, and its getting dark earlier. Sandals, short sleeves and bare legs are not practical and the cat is sleeping curled up in a circle. (when its warm the cat sleeps stretched out).
So I probably need to do a seasonal change over of my clothing which is always a good point to decide what is not really 'me' anymore, fits really badly etc.
And I dare say I need to sew those pant liners for my unlined wool pants (though its not quite that cold yet).

I've not really got any great focus on my Autumn sewing except that I am going to stick to things in the sea colours inspiration board to give flexibility and mostly sew from stash.

I have been using my purple bag, in part because the handle came off an old one I'd been using as my main bag which sort of brought the bag thing to a head and also because its got the right vibe for now, as well as being large enough for a huge amount of stuff. I might fish out a few other purple things - scarves, necklaces etc to wear with it.

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Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to seeing your pieces made in the "sea colors". This is one of my favourite color combinations.
I had never before picked up on how the cat sleeps in warm weather compared to cool but yes mine does the same. Also he slept in the cool basement all summer and today is wandering around looking for another spot.