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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Shopping not sewing

Its been another busy work week. I must admit I am really enjoying my work at the moment despite long days and seem to have found a niche area where my combination of skills are actually useful which I am very pleased about.

However I am so busy working, and its quite hard work too that of an evening its a quick microwave dinner and the TV and have not managed anything sewing wise.

This morning I went and did some shopping for Autumn/Winter stuff
2 long sleeved casual tees - to wear with jeans - one apple green, one orange
1 long sleeved dressier tee - OK for work - in red with a scoop neck
1 chunky sweater in a lovely orange/rust colour with a loose cowl neck (kind of like a loose poloneck?) which will be fabulous once it gets a bit colder.
and a pair of black leather shoes with a small heel and a strap. very comfortable

The afternoon was spent researching and finally ordering a new cooker which I am very excited about, the oven did not work on the cooker left in the house by the previous owners, so I have only had a grill and hob for the last 10 months.

Next I need to go and do the supermarket shop and then I think I will move all the short sleeved tops and the linen trousers out of the wardrobe to make way for the cooler weather stuff. I have a very full wardrobe but actually only wear a small percentage of the stuff in there and I think mornings will be more organised if I do a cull.


SewingLibrarian said...

Congratulations on the new cooker (or stove, as we say in the U.S.). Have fun with it! Glad to hear you are enjoying your job, always a plus. Sewing will resume shortly, I'm sure.

Jenni said...

Glad you found a cooker you like, it will make all those late evening meals so much easier to prepare.

The new clothes and shoes sound lovely, particularly the sweater; But I have to ask .... were there no ballet flats to be had???? :) :)