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Monday, 28 September 2009

blouse progress

After finishing off some extra work this evening, I did manage an hour of sewing which resulted in the blouse having front bands and a bit of a press of the seams, plus the interfacing applied to the collar and collar stand. I can see it is going to be quite a slow process at this rate.


Jen said...

Good progress, remember slow and piece by piece still gets the same result at the end. I still love the embroidery, it really adds to the blouse.

Sharon said...

I'm loving the way your have places all the stripes, it is going to look great.

I agree with JenSA slow and steady gets it done, I just have to do this myself LOL.

gwensews said...

Slow is fine. The blouse is taking shape nicely. Enjoy the process.

Jenni said...

You will get there in the end and the end result will be so worth it. The blouse is looking really wonderful so far.