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Friday, 2 October 2009


Having jammed the sewing machine up on a friday evening after a long week at work, I decided it would be easier to sort out with fresh eyes at another time and switched it off.

So feeling creative I decided to take some of my many beads and make myself a few pairs of earrings.

I have sensitive ears and have to wear gold, silver or some hypo-allergenic brands, so I used silver hooks for these earrings. I have dark hair which I often wear down, and a fairly short neck. Having experimented a bit I realised my earrings need to be light or bright (dark ones just don't show at all), neither too small not too large, and about this length - long enough to hang down from the ears, but not so long that my short neck is too obvious.
If I want to wear dark earrings I have to have my hair swept up or clipped back to showcase them.


Jenni said...

Those are gorgeous. I love the green ones and the pearl ones especially.

Hope you can get your machine unjammed soon. Its horrible, and very worrying, when that happens. Hope its soon feeling better.

Barbara said...

These are gorgeous, I have never made earrings but these don't look too hard. How about a mini-tutorial? I wouldn't know where to start or what I need.

SewRuthie said...

Barbara they are not hard at all. I will try and do some pictures when I make the next ones. I have used up all my silver earwires but have ordered some more, so will see what I can do when they arrive.

Barbara said...

That would be great Ruthie, we had a rainy day here and I ended up at the craft store. It is possible to spend quite a lot on beads isn't it.