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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Knit fabric

I have really got into sewing with knits, and the knit tops I have made I often wear, plus they are quite quick to sew up when you want a co-ordinating wardrobe.
On this basis when I needed to go to the next town to the opticians, I took the route which almost passes the fabric store and had a little detour.

Left - ivory slinky, which I think will be fab as the HotPatterns Cowl Neck Top. I have 1.5 metres of this, and it drapes beautifully as its quite heavy.

Centre - poly animal print. I already had a small piece of this but bought 3 metres so I can make an animal print knit dress if I want to.

Right - red/orange viscose knit. I've bought this before and made two tops from it. Maybe a cozy or twinset this time as I bought 3 metres of this too. It is quite nice to sew but absolutely lovely to wear and a wonderful colour on me.

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Jenni said...

Mmm, lovely new fabrics. I still love the animal print and it will make a fab knit dress. For the SWAP? Or not?