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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Teal dress started

The teal dress is started and I really like the way its very shaped in the back with a simple crossover at the front. I think this could really work for my figure.

I have lengthened the dress by about 8 inches and added a centre back seam in case I need to alter the back for my sway back forward head.

I also added 1/2" to the upper edge of the sleeve to give me a bit of room for my chunky arms.

Hopefully I will finish this tomorrow evening or over the weekend.

Note on the fabric. Its is a teal background of a plain knit which then has navy (or at least bluer teal) velvet flowers woven into the fabric. I'm not sure how its done but its quite nice.


Jen said...

I really love that fabric....it adds some interest to the classic pattern.

BetsyV said...

Ruthie the fabric is GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see it finished and modeled