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Saturday, 17 October 2009

New patterns

Sewing World magazine has issues every few months where they sell end of line Simplicity and New Look patterns at a reduced price.

Whilst unable to compete with the US 99c sales, this is a cheap way in the UK of buying patterns so I ordered these 5 and they came this morning.

They all have good reviews on Pattern review and I think cover a good spectrum of garments though I am sure I will have to do alterations to pretty much all of them to my slight wierdnesses of shape.


Jenni said...

What lovely choices. I do think the waistcoat will look lovely on you. The neckline will frame your face. The short jackets and the blouses are cute too. I will be looking forward to seeing all these made up when you get chance.

kiltsnquilts said...

Great patterns! I have looked at the New Look one myself, I love the shape of the waistcoat. And the pj pattern looks very cosy, must see if I can get hold of that one. Look forward to seeing some of them made up :-)

gwensews said...

Those are wonderful eye-candy! What fun! Make some beautiful things.