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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Green fingers

My parents have started growing a few of their own fruit and vegetables.
This year my mother grew pumpkins again. My father grew some cucumbers outside, and tomatoes and peppers in his greenhouse.
I was lucky enough to be able to bring a few items home with me, and am very excited, look how gorgeous it all looks.
(I am a townie with no gardening skills so this all seems fab to me!)

I don't seem to have inherited the green fingers unfortunately, but maybe they will come later in life when i am less busy.


Jen said...

oooh so jealous. I'd love to get more veg in my garden. My parents also have a great veg patch, but alas, they live on a different continent.

Ann said...

So exciting to see what your parents grew and you get to eat. We have a garden at our retirement home and can hardly wait to start working in this coming summer. We also have 13 fruit trees which is heavenly.
Maybe one day you can garden. I haven't done it for years due to working and northern BC has a climate that does not let one garden easily in. Snow and frost every month of the year which is hard on those delicious veggies.