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Saturday, 31 October 2009

SWAP 2010 initial plan

A couple of years ago for the Timmel SWAP I planned to make a chocolate brown/orange/ivory SWAP. Then I ordered fabric from Julie's site for my entry, and when it came it was more of a coral colour than an orange. I changed my plan that year to work with the the coral instead, but have kept and added fabrics to those original colours which I still love.

I try and dress relatively smartly for work, but it is always a personal battle though between what I consider suitable office wear (in my head all pinstripe pantsuits) and what I like personally (bright colours, waistcoats, boiled wool jackets, fit n flare dresses etc). I would describe my style as a Flamboyant Natural and I recently came across the web site for 'East Clothing' and a lot of the outfits there seemed very me.

So this year I am going to try to be true to myself and create a 'RuthieK being herself in the office SWAP'.

What that might include is still open to debate but one plan goes like this.

Option 2 in choc/orange/ivory
I have a 'key' fabric which is dark brown with coloured stripes in ivory, orange and gold.

2 dresses
dress 1 - knit mock wrap in an animal print (black/brown/tan)
dress 2 - sleeveless dress in the 'key' fabric, can be worn alone or with tops underneath.

6 tops
burnt orange satin shirt
gold crinkle wrap over blouse
ivory cowl neck knit
orange/white crossover knit top
dark orange knit top
yellow knit top

2 bottoms
Straight leg pants in either the 'key' fabric or dark brown wool
long skirt in dark brown faux leather

Boiled wool jacket with front drape - dark brown

If I don't do the dresses I would make an extra pair of pants (whichever not done earlier) and an extra skirt (dark brown crinkle satin).
I may well do them all anyway as I think it will work well in my wardrobe.

In terms of the sewing extras
- matched print/stripe: this will be covered by the dress or pants in the stripe fabric.
- embroidery/beading/sashiko: this will probably be on the neckline of one of the tops
- buttons/unusual closure: probably buttons on the shirt, or interesting clasp on the jacket


Anonymous said...

Being true to yourself sounds like a very rewarding thing to do. Good luck with your swap plan.

Jenni said...

That sounds like a really good SWAP plan. The colours will work well for you and I do think that the move toward a more "Ruthlike" office wardrobe will still give you a mix and match wardrobe with what you already have but add an injection of fun whilst still being smart and work suitable.