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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

SWAP 2010 initial thoughts

I'm a layers person. I live in a temperate climate and run cool, so almost always wear a sweater/cardigan/jacket over my top, and the thing I found with SWAP in the past was that actually there were not enough over layers, but I understand that the rules have to cater to a large group of people and lots don't wear an over layer apparently.

Jackets are also a pain to sew, and I know the jacket component stressed me out the most last year to the point that although shown in my pictures I did give the jacket away as the fit was just not quite right.

The matching print or stripe sounds quite a challenge. I am almost done on the recent stripe blouse and working with the stripes has been quite an eye opener for me and definitely requires some skill and attention.

I'm not sure I love the emphasis on embroidery/unusual closures and so on, but I can see its a bit more creative. I am a bit nervous of it though as it tends to lead me to bizarre and unwearable madness if I let the crafty side have too much reign and the clothes still need to be tasteful and wearable.


Jen said...

Ruthie, since a garment can be sewn beforehand, you already have a striped and embroidered shirt in the making, so could you make use of that?

SewRuthie said...

Yeah I wondered about that, but it has to have 'matched stripes' and mine don't really.