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Friday, 11 September 2009

Back but not a lot to report

Well I am back from a lovely holiday in Menorca, one of the Spanish islands - very relaxing, lovely and sunny.
One thing about seeing my bod in swimwear was a reminder that I really need to shift those last 10-15 pounds and do something to get a bit more toned especailly in the upper arms, thighs and calves (any ideas?). I have a desk job and sedentary hobbies so need to do actual exercise.

I took some Burda mags out with me and did manage to trace off all the bits from August 2009 - number 105 the high waisted trousers and 103 the tie neck blouse. I measured myself and the size 44 was closest, so that's the size I have traced, but we'll have to see how true to size the Burda magazine patterns are. I shall make a test garment first before cutting into any expensive fabric.

Also need to report that I was honoured to be chosen as the winner of the June Capsule Contest on Stitcher's Guild which is fantastic. I have yet to decide how to spend my prize - on sewing goodies of course!

And an advance notice that I agreed (in a moment of madness) to be the contest manager of the October Costumes contest on Pattern Review, as this is one I have no desire to participate in myself.

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