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Monday, 31 August 2009

Wearing the WiaW clothes

Here I am wearing the various WiaW items, and I have mixed feelings about them, I think the cowl neck top is still too large in the upper body/shoulders, and I'm not sure either top works with the waistcoat.
Anyway I do like all the items individually, though I am not sure whether the waistcoat is better with the tops tucked into the trousers or left untucked. Also I wonder if the waistcoat should be slightly longer next time I make it - my waist is about 1.5 " below where the 'waist' is on the waistcoat, so I could do with lengthening it slightly I think.


Jenni said...

I like the waistcoat with the tops tucked in, it has a cleaner line and is more work appropriate I think. I do think the waistcoat needs a little more length. The trousers are lovely and fit well.
I love, love, love the black and white top... it makes you look very, very shapely, shows off your waist, is very slimming and super flattering and makes you look very foxy indeed.

SewRuthie said...

I might bring the waistcoat for a second opinion when I come to the show, see if you or your mum have any bright ideas.

Veronica said...

I like the black and white top not tucked in when you wear the waist coat. But I like the other blouse tucked in.
You did do a great job on all of them.

Gail Santy said...

I've never commented before, but have followed your sewing progress for some time here and at Artisan Square. As a fellow Flamboyant natural I find you have inherent good sense about what will be great. The black and white cowl top is perfect in every way- pattern, open neck, fit. (I wore a geranium colored cowl top today and garnered several compliments.) The straight-leg pants are exactly what Kibbe prescribes. I think the waistcoat does need to be several inches longer and may look best with a highly contrasting top worn tucked in. I struggle greatly with that third layer.
I am still exploring my own FN style and highly admire your choices!
~Gail, finally brave enough to introduce myself

Allison said...

I, too, haven't commented before but have followed your sewing exploits, both on your blog and when we both participated in the Timmel's SWAPs.

I think the black and white top untucked is fabulous! It is so flattering and really shows off your curves.

I agree the vest could be longer.

Like the pants and the grey top looks quite nice as well.

As sewists, we are so picky about fit because we can be. While you may decide to tweak the fit of the grey top, it is probably a better fit than most RTW tops would be.

And the purple bag from your last post is Wow! Wow! Wow!


SewRuthie said...

Hello Gail and Allison, and thanks for the comments. Gail yes I try to interpret the Flamboyant Natural characteristics in a current way and with my heavy lower body, and I don't always get it right.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruthie, I am again impressed by the sewing you do. Such great (and not at all easy) pieces done in such a short amount of time - I guess it IS about focusing. If I may throw in my 2c: I LOVE that combo waistcoat/b-w shirt untucked/trousers. It has (to my eye) the perfect proportions considering layering/length. I would think the waistcoat, as it is, too short for pants- it makes you look shortwaisted as the part of the pants from crotch upward looks so long. The waistcoat could be the right length for a skirt, though... Anyway, congratulations, well done, girl!

Lisa said...

You look so good in your new WiaW!!!