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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Burda Magazine summer pyjamas

I decided that my next project will be some summer pyjamas from Burda Magazine December 2007. I am starting with the trousers and traced them off this afternoon ready.

The first pair are a bit of a test and will be in white cotton with tiny turquoise flowers. If those are successful I will sew them again in white with tiny strawberries.

No photos of the room just yet as its still not finished. It has got far enough though for me to be able to sew, I am just ignoring the huge pile of sewing books waiting to go on the bookcase. DH needs to secure the bookcase to the wall as I plan to fill it completely and its over 6 feet high, so I don't want it to fall over!

Woo hoo DH has secured the book case, so I shall proceed to stuff it full with sewing, craft, beading, colour and fashion type books with some patterns as well!

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Jenni said...

The pj's sound really cute especially the little strawberries print. Got my mag for August this morning and had a giggle when I saw the craft projects... they are just as bad as you said they were!!!!