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Sunday, 9 August 2009

What to do with knit pieces

When I put my fabric into the cupboard I found a few pieces of knits. Some of them I had quite a large piece and had cut out a garment, leaving a middling sized piece, you know too small to throw but not enough for a whole garment.

I've seen people on Pattern review making their knit pieces into panties but this is not really my style to be honest so I am not going there.

However I've seen a few tops about and have one RTW already where the design combines 2 or 3 different knits together in the garment and I must admit it caught my interest.

The RTW top I have, has the back and neckband in one colour, the sleeves and part of the front in another, with another used for the other part of the front (a faux wrap that is actually pieced).
The main front piece is also printed in a design which brings in the other colours - this would be harder to do at home but could use a print fabric, stencilling or embroidery.

Mixing fabrics like this does tend to make a top feel more casual, but those are fine for the weekend with jeans, or even with plain PJ pants for lounging or bedtime so I may have a go with mine at some point in the future :-)


Michelle said...

What fantastic ideas!! My niece is learning to sew, and she always keeps the "leftovers" from whatever I make, even if it isn't enough to really make anything. I should get her some coordinating solids and let her do something like this. I think she would enjoy it.

marysews said...

This is a great idea, that the scraps from several projects could be put together to make a coordinating piece, thus expanding the wardrobe even more.