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Sunday, 30 August 2009

NewLook 6958 waistcoat

I just finished my last item for the wardrobe in a week (WiaW).
It's a little fitted waistcoat from an old pattern in my stash - NewLook 6958 - undated but as it also includes pleat front pants and a loose long shawl collar jacket I am thinking early 90s.
Anyway the little waistcoat seems quite a current shape again. I made the front and back from the leftovers from the stripe trousers and the lining from a diamond pattern lining. Added purple buttons. I am missing a little belt buckle from the back, I have some my MIL gave me which I can't locate tonight but will hopefully add on later.
Sorry its just another hanger shot, but it does fit nicely, just have to see if it does work with the cowl tops or not in reality.
Also just for Kiltsnquilts, a picture of the PURPLE bag which I bought myself as my prize to go with this capsule.


Unknown said...

You did a great join on the waist coat. It looks great. I love the purple buttons and the purple handbag. Purple is my favorite color! :)

gwensews said...

The waistcoat is very nice. The purple bag--WOW!

kiltsnquilts said...

Ahh thank you - I needed that Lol :-))

I thought it looked like a beautiful bag - and I was right!!