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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Classix Nouveau 3 Graces T-Shirts from Hotpatterns

Today I ordered the Classix Nouveau 3 Graces T-Shirts from Hotpatterns.

As an independent pattern company their patterns are quite expensive especially when the shipping to the UK gets added. But these tees really appealed to me for wearing to work with my classic trouser suits and I have not seen anything similar in Burda magazine etc so I decided to order.

I already have a few different drapey knits in my fabric cupboard which could be used for this pattern and if I think about buying one RTW top it would be about this price or more, so once I've made two tops from this pattern I am starting to save money!!

(Ok so saving money is not why I sew, but these justifications help when I've made a more expensive than usual sewing purchase!)

Trudi has some great clips on Utube showing this top in all different colours - neutrals, a stripe (not sure I like) and also in colours like pink and purple. The suitable fabrics I have are in quite a bright coral pink, leaf green, soft yellow, black, red slinky etc, so a few options :D

I had been poorly this week with something which may or may not have been a mild dose of the swine flu, anyway I am in recovery mode now. I'm staying in so as not to spread the bugs and when I have bursts of energy unpacking stuff into the sewing room.

The fabric cupboard is filling up nicely and some of it is like finding old friends - lovely fabrics I had forgotten about. There's a also a few where I wondered what I was thinking and I think there will be a lot of fabric bags for the church Christmas fair in the future.

Anyway its lovely having the fabric in a cupboard instead of in boxes - as I can see and pat the fabric more easily now.


Rhoto said...

Oh Ruthie, I so glad you're starting to feel better... Maybe it was a bit "scary" when you were sick, too, eh.
"Pat the fabric"... Oh, we're kindred spirits!!
Soft hugs,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Ann said...

Hope you are feeling better. Take it easy and just stoke your fabric. I know exactly how you feel about everything in boxes or tubs; mine is there right now in the livingroom waiting to be moved.

Jenni said...

Ruth, glad you are feeling better ,and pleased that you have been able to get into the sewing room to actually sew. I know you had been missing it dreadfully.
Love the new pattern you bought. Very smart and that bit different from the usual knit top patterns found in the big 4 and Burda.

kiltsnquilts said...

I am just about to order the 3 Graces pattern too - and I really liked the stirpey one:-) Go figure, different strokes for different folks eh? I agree that they are pricey - and I haven't really had that much luck with the HP's I have tried so far, but this one looks like a winner and flattering to lots of shapes. I will keep an eye out for your versions.
Glad you are on the mend - stroking fabric is great therapy!