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Monday, 3 August 2009

Different knit tops from Burda magazine

I like to sew and wear knit tops, but I have made a few in the same 3 styles over and over so am looking for some new shapes. I went through my recent Burda magazines and found these which I like.


Jenni said...

The tops are all lovely. The one with the underbust band is particularly nice for you I thought. The one in the photo with the twisted neck is very different and would look smart for work, since it comes up much higher than your knot top, though the slit might need shortening, it looks long on the photo. I've made one of the gather side ones (the one with the inset curved section)and it would have looked really nice, but I didn't get it fitted right. It went together well though.

Anonymous said...

The twist top is a very nice variation! Which Burda is that from?