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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Cowl top 2

The team managed to overcome a major block on our work project today so we only had one small piece of evening work which worked straight away (yay!) and afterwards I had some time to sew a little bit.

I finished off this top which I had cut out and started to sew earlier in the week which although not the shirt I had originally planned, and which I will finish after my holiday, is going to be a great addition to the wardrobe.

This top is from a semi sheer black poly, very drapey (almost micro mesh) which has on the fabric tiny sparkly silver bits - not sure how its done but they don't come off when cutting or sewing so are integral to the fabric.
This is one of those tops that if you had the lifestyle for it, could go into your bag during the day at the office, and then for the evening you could nip into the ladies and make the switch to sparkly eveningness.

As the fabric was semi sheer, the body is made of two layers, but the sleeves only one. The front and back are self faced with just a fold for the neckline. I will check for underwear show through in strong light though :-)


gwensews said...

That top is elegant-looks like old Hollywood!

Jenni said...

Oh Ruth, that looks gorgeous. The perfect top for a night out after work, with black jeans maybe???
Glad the work had a breakthrough and you were able to sew again.