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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

That sewing room stuff

DH has invited his friend to stay at the end of the month. He's a nice guy and ages ago I told DH to invite him. Plus if they are wargaming, DH won't even notice I am in the sewing room madly finishing off my WiaW garments as long as I bring food and beer at regular intervals.

That's great except the unsorted stuff from the sewing room is still in the guest room, all over the bed and the floor rendering it unusable at the moment.

I don't want to trash the sewing room again though so I have two options
- sort through it all
- box it up and put it in the garage

I expect I'll do a bit of both as well as utilising the space under the bed to store as much as I can.


BeeBee said...

Good luck with your final sewing room step. Sometimes it's good to have a deadline - it forces us to make some tough decisions and actually FINISH. Your rewards will be both some uninterupted sewing time and a fabulous room to do it in.
Now, get in there and start tossing!

kiltsnquilts said...

Haha, under the bed sounds like a great storage area until you 'get a round tuit'! I know you will produce some great garments (as usual) from your new sewing room :-)