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Monday, 17 August 2009

Test garment - Cowl neck top

Here's my initial test garment for the cowl neck top.

I measured and cut a size 14 which I think is maybe a bit big. Something is not quite working, I have gone all square :-( and have no bust at all.


BetsyV said...

I don't think it's you. There are 2 other reviews on PR and I'm not sure these results are what HP intended either. Neither is flattering to the wearer.
No offense to anyone, Ruthie, nor to HP nor to the 2 reviewers on PR. I just think it's a special body type who will look great in this top.

kiltsnquilts said...

Oh no! What a shame! I so wanted this to look great - for both our sakes as I really wanted to order this pattern!

Is the fabric drapey enough? I would say it is definitely too big for you, but do you think going down a size (or two!?) will make enough difference?

I love cowl neck tops and I usually find them flattering as I am a pear shape, they usually enlarge my chestal region (well, not literally!) and don't have bulk round the waist and hips.

What do you think you will do about it? Can you re-cut smaller and re-stitch just to see?

Pam Erny said...

Gee...I think both the other versions of this pattern look great on the reviewers.

As with any other pattern...the fit is rarely spot-on right out of the envelope..that's why we all make muslins (fitting garments/ trial garments)..then adjust the pattern accordingly.

Ruthie...it seems that your shoulder seams are too long. You will see the drape of the cowl improve alot when this is corrected, because with a cowl neckline the garment needs proper shoulder support to drape nicely.
As it is now...the shoulder seam is actually pulling the cowl drape "Horizontally", rather than encouraging the cowl to drape "vertically".
And...in a more "fluid" fabric, the cowl will have a pleasing drape. So..I think that once you fit the pattern (especially the shoulders), you'll be happier with it :)

Diana said...

Ruthie, do yo think that with what Pam suggested and if you used a slinky knit plus a smaller size ,you might get the top that looks like the pattern cover?I'm chesty so I avoid draped necklines like the plague because they accentuate that area as a rule.Good luck .