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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Embroidery 2

Tonight I wanted to try something a bit more grown up so did these teal flowers on the cuffs and one upper front of a stripe shirt I am going to make up for myself. I think I might add a few beads to the shirt body one.

I kept all the ambroidery in shades of teal in the hope that it would keep it from looking to cutesy, but still be enough to soften the slightly harsh lines of the stripe shirting.
I dare say we will see if this is the case when I make it up.

The teal flowers took ages, and compared to the small embroideries I did yesterday were fiddly to remove the excess stabiliser, and the thread kept unthreading and so on. So these took about an hour and three quarters I think.


Ann said...

Looks perfect to me. They are subtle and very grown up. I think they will make this shirt a winner.

Jenni said...

Very pretty and they do soften the shirting stripes nicely. I am sure you will find the embroidery gets easier as you get more practice. Some stabilisers are easier to remove than others... some are designed to stay behind the design permanently. I find a pair of tweezers invaluable for removing bits of removable stabiliser though.

sel said...

Hi, I like reading your blog. I haven't actually sewn anything from scratch yet, my skills are limited to clothes alteration, but look forward to the day I can actually sew something wearable from a pattern.

Mind if I post your blog link on my blog? My blog addy is http://effortbehindthegirl.blogspot.com

Thanks in advance!

SewRuthie said...

Hiya Sel, I guess that's OK, though you have a waay funkier style than me :-) RuthieK