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Monday, 3 August 2009

Sleeves redone - not a single pucker!

This evening I decided to fix the sleeves on the lime JCC blouse. This sleeve just had too much ease and the first time I put it in there were lots of puckers. (Due to the alterations the sleeves were 3 inches bigger than the armholes).

I decided to tackle the sleeves by doing a lot of small changes so none would be too obvious.

First up I took the sleeves out and pressed the body and sleeves. Then I trimmed down the sleeve cap very slightly. A little more at the top and tapering to nothing nearer the under arm.
I took the top of the sleeve seam in by 1/4"(under the arm) , let the top of the body out by 1/4 inch (also under the arm).

Next I clipped the armhole - existing clips slightly deeper and some extra ones as well.
On the sleeve I used a long stitch to machine tack on a piece of narrow bias binding - I stretched it as I sewed and then pulled the tacking up a bit as well.

Next I pinned the sleeve into the armhole, then sewed in short sections stopping whenever there was about to be a pucker. Once I'd put the sleeve in I checked for any bits which were not quite right, unpicked and resewed those until it was all smooth. Then I removed the bias binding and the tacking stitch and finally serged all the raw edges as the clipped part was fraying all over the place.

The end result however is a lovely sleeve with NO puckers, which I am very pleased about.

I know its a hanger shot and its better to see the blouse being worn, maybe tomorrow.
This shirt does actually fit me, and that is thanks to Jenni (aka YorshireLass) who fitted a muslin for me and has meant I have my first EVER blouse which actually fits me. Very exciting.


Rhoto said...

WOW!! You've jump up a notch or two, eh, with this project!! Congratulations!! NOT an easy thing to do, a blouse, eh!!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)
who's making 3 more neck pillows :(

Ann said...

Great job of fixing the sleeves. Looks great on both you and the hanger.

EMC said...

It looks great!

Anonymous said...

Great job! The blouse has a great fit, so you should just change that sleeve pattern and sew up a couple of these.

Sherril said...

Ruthie, this top looks really cute on you. The fit is perfect as are those sleeves.