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Sunday, 16 August 2009

3 graces t-shirts form Hotpatterns

This evening I traced the cowl neck top from the 3 graces t shirt from Hotpatterns and then cut out a muslin/test garment from a nasty cheap poly knit.

The redeeming features of the knit are its wonderful red colour and its cheapness. The red colour is nice and must have been why I bought it, but it is a nasty cheap poly (which I hope I did not pay too much for) from the part of the stash which I now use for muslins.

Anyway it has good stretch and reasonable drape, so I think it will work well to test if I have the right size, and if I need to make any large adjustments.

I am surprised that the front is narrower at the hip than it is at the waist, so will have to see if this binds at the hip and bags at the waist since I am shaped the opposite.

Its too late tonight to start sewing this up, so I will just have a read of the instructions ready for tomorrow evening.

I will apply the interfacing as the instructions, and sew up the seams with matching thread, but I am not going to neaten any edges on this first test version, so it should be a quick way to see how the size and fit are in a size 14.

I will try and post a photo tomorrow of me wearing the garment so watch this space :-)

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kiltsnquilts said...

Ooh, I am just about to order a lovely silver and black stripe rayone knit that I will stash for this pattern - haven't got my copy yet!! I loved Trudie's strip version and can't wait to see how yours turns out.

Interesting about the shape of the front - do you think it is because of the drape?

I am lucky enough to get the chance to see next winters garment fabrics and order them now (even though I have a patchwork shop Lol) so am tempted to also get a plain rayon knit for the crossover version.

Good Luck, fingers crossed it looks good, I haven't seen a version of this yet :-))