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Saturday, 15 August 2009


I can't quite work out what to do next. It's prep week for the WiaW (Wardrobe In a Week) and so I could be already cutting out the clothes I plan to sew, but I have a few quandaries as yet unsolved.

Trousers (pants)
I want to make Burda trousers as the crotch curve works well for me, but I want a change from the wide leg trousers I made so many times, however I don't want to go too narrow and start to get binding issues - in which case I should make a test pair before WiaW starts.
That means some tracing off from another Burda WOF and cutting and sewing a whole pair of trousers this week.

Waistcoat (vest)
I could either use an old waistcoat pattern from the early 90s or or the free HotPattern download for the 'Shining Star Waistcoat'. In either case I need to make a muslin, but will do a quick and dirty one for fit only, not a wearable garment.

I want to make the McCall's 5522 shirt again only this time in a classic stripe fabric. Not sure if I want to play about with the direction of any of the pattern pieces, add the ruffle etc or just make as is. I am concerned that it will look very menswear if I don't do any twist, though I guess the men's shirts don't have any gathering for the bust!!!

4th piece
This is I think going to be a turquoise knit top though I am still thinking what style to use. If I do go with the new HotPatterns 3 Graces T-shirts I need to make a muslin in some less nice knit first.

So that's two muslins a test pair of trousers and some decisions on what to do with stripes/extras on the shirt plus the cutting out and marking, interfacing etc all this week, and I am in the office every day (probably long days) and away with work one day too. Better get a move on then hadn't I!

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Jenni said...

Ruth, why not pick a TNT top or trouser this time, to save yourself some time since you will be pushed with work being mad. That way you only need do a muslin of the waistcoat. Or perhaps narrow the legs a bit on a TNT trouser pattern so they look a little different? You know most of the trousers fit so would only need to do a really quick muslin to check your alterations to the legs had retained the right grain and were falling straight, and the fit was good for you over your problem areas? Just a thought. Though I reckon if anyone can get all that done in a week it will be you.