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Monday, 3 August 2009

Stash cupboard

One of my most favourite things, my fabric stash cupboard in the sewing room.

The bottom shelf has linings and some medium weight fabrics, the next shelf is all knit and above that bottom weight fabrics. On top of the wooden unit more bottom/jacket weight plus some blouse fabrics, also the box contains fabric which was particularly expensive like boiled wool, linen, heavy lace etc.

Above the box are two more shelves though the upper one is not deep and mostly covered in fabric. The lower one has blouse and shirt weight fabrics and the upper one a mixture of various other fabrics including fleece.

I love this cupboard and like to come and just open the doors and look at the bits of fabric, pull the odd one out and see what it says to me.

(Looking at the picture I can see there are a few gaps - so I could go fabric shopping if I wanted to!)


Jenni said...

That is a seriously impressive, and varied stash... did you reinforce the shelves before you packed them with fabric? Or is the fabric in so tight that the upper shelves can't go anywhere??? :) :) :) (where's the evil grin icon when you need it?)

Jafael said...

I think I just fell in love with your stash cupboard!