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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Amber glow - plans

I called Jenni tonight and she has been very helpful to bounce ideas off. And I now have a way forward with some more pieces for the Amber Glow.
I have some black poly/viscose light weight suiting fabric which I plan to make into a pair of pants and a long skirt. The skirt is from a old Vogue pattern I bought today for 50p on a market stall.

The fabric is black herringbone with fine brown stripes running through it and will be comfortable to wear as the weather gets warmer, it also plays very well with the animal print knit top and cardiwrap already made. I can imagine the trousers and skirt in this fabric and how and where I would wear them which is always a very good sign I think.

The fabric is in the washing machine getting prewashed as I cannot bear it if it were to shrink after being sewn up, so I shall go and thread the machines ready, get out a zipper, choose buttons, check over the pattern pieces etc.

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