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Sunday, 11 April 2010

SWAP 2010 #1 - Stripe Trousers

I am part way through a new Burda magazine trouser pattern, and am nearly at the point where I can see what the fit is like. This is in the same stripe fabric as the little waistcoat and the 15 button skirt, though I have sewed them in the reverse order than I cut them out.
I wanted to branch into a different style to get pockets, as I have felt a desperate need for pockets recently.

Looking at the trousers I get the feeling that the waist is going to be huge especially at the back but that the thigh/butt (my fuller areas) are going to be fine.

I also on a whim pulled out some black knit with a brown and cream print (which was a gift from YorkshireLass after I petted it in her stash cupboard) and quite fancy it as a knit top with a cream neckband. We'll have to see if that one pans out. Its a strong print so I think will need to have a simple pattern, something like New Look 6735.

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Sew Passionista said...

Your Amber glow wardrobe is looking really good,Ruthie. Thank you for the comment you wrote about my jacket.I wore it to church today and it's very comfortable.