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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Next wardrobe

I have pulled the fabric out for my next wardrobe. Its going to be in black, red and off white
I am planning 5 knit tops, 5 pairs of trousers, 1 dress and a jacket.

Tops, all knit
- black and white floral print
- black and white stripe
- red and white fan print
- white/black/red floral print
- ivory with black print

Dress, knit
- red/black/ivory print
leftovers as another knit top.

Trousers, all wovens
- charcoal linen
- black denim with red top stitching
- black pinstripe
- black with white stripe
- charcoal with white variegated stripes

after this it gets more vague. I have some black satin lining so can make leftovers from the pants into waistcoats. We'll see might be too much to have 4 waistcoats to go with the formal trousers
I also have some heavier black fabric and some red linen either of which might be a jacket or coat
and leftovers of some other fabrics in the same colours which could perhaps be more tops
red fan print knit (different red than the other one, so could not go together)
black and white print knit
both of these could have parts in plain black knit to make a whole top.


Jenni said...

Ooh, that sounds lovely. When I get to my summer sewing it will be navy, white and red, so perhaps we will sew along together?
On the subject of names for red/black/white capsules; what about Daily Star? Its a black and white newspaper, its a redtop, and you will look a star in the outfits worn on a daily basis?

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing your new wardrobe. I'm a bit partial to black/white/red. :)

Gail said...

I'm a huge red, black and white fan. A lot of my sewing fits this theme, but I am not disciplined enough to plan a wardrobe.

Joy said...

I would love to get a glimpse inside your closet! Do you find that you really wear outfits as they have been planned in wardrobes, or do you end of mixing up the assorted pieces?